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The Strata Basses

A brief history of the Strata:
The Strata bass was Rob Green's first approach to creating the ultimate bass. It was though that Rob made only 16 instruments in his original first ever batch of basses and he named them the "Strata". After having found Strata N° 20 (below) we are no longer sure of how many were actually made before Fender stepped in issuing law proceedings claiming that the Strata name was too close to the Stratocaster and put an end to that. Rob Green was forced to change the name of the instruments to "Status" and rename the instruments by fitting another bridge with the new name on. A very small number of the instruments had sold by this time and Rob was unable to trace them for the re-branding ... If you own a Strata please let us know so we can trace as many as possible - Thank you!

Strata x

From Status-Graphite's Facebook post of Oct 18th 2018 (link below)

"Mike Rutherford with Genesis playing our very rare 'Strata' bass and guitar double-neck way, way back!"


Strata 5

4 string, fretless currently belongs to themoo (United Kingdom). Built in 1982, this Strata has a flame maple/ash body finished in clear lacquer and a graphite through neck. Two hyper active pickups complement the active circuit and brass hardware.


Strata 8

Last seen on Ebay in March 2008 and no news since ...


Strata 9

4 string, fretted currently belongs to Wil (United Kingdom) which he has had since 1986


Strata 10

4 string, fretted currently belongs to xsoqbass (Australia)


Strata 11

4 string, fretted, currently belongs to chucky (United Kingdom)


Strata 16

July 1983: 4 string fretted, made in July 1983, currently belongs to me and lives in Geneva, Switzerland. Bought from Mark Littler in 2006. Original spec sheet hand written by Rob, the bass features classic graphite through neck construction with an ebony fret board, a flame maple front, walnut inner veneer and amazaque (ovangkol) back with herringbone inlays. Pickups are GMT with an active bass/treble circuit.


Strata 19

Thank you to Rob for having sent us these pictures of beautiful Strata 19


Strata 20

July 1983: 4 string fretted, currently belongs to mcdonap (USA).
"This Strata actually belonged to Mike Rutherford. I bought it a few years back when a bunch of Genesis stuff was auctioned off on eBay."


Strata 24

4 string fretless, currently belongs to BP


Strata 28

This beautiful black 4 string fretless, currently belongs to Phil Spalding (thanks for the pics Phil!)

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