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Status-Graphite Leaflets, Catalogues & Flyers

The various documents are sorted alphabetically. Use the search function to find something specific.

Many thanks to the contributors for the various scans and pictures and please contact me if you

have more, using the contact form (top right button). This page displays 30 entries at a time, use the "Load more ..." arrow at the page bottom for more.

Buzzard and Buzzard 2

The John Entwistle original Buzzard and Buzzard 2

Bass Guitar Magazine Issue 18/2005

Guide to the UK Custom Bass Market, Bass Guitar Magazine Issue 18/2005

Energy advertisement, November 1991

Energy advertisement from November 1991

GMT Guitar, ca. 1982

Status GMT (Green Machine Technology) guitar from my personal collection, ca. 1982
Custom made by Status-Graphite (GMT) in 1982 (?)

Serial #25
Birdseye maple top on ash body wing.
Graphite through neck.
25 1/2'' scale, 24 frets medium jumbo.
Phenolic fingerboard with no inlay.
No truss rod.
GMT Design pickups.
Active / passive mini switch.
Master volume and pickup balancer control.
Treble & bass control when active circuit is on.

KingBass Flyer / Advertisement

Status KingBass flyer / advertisement

Maple Top Guitar, Guitar Magazine, April 1999

Hybrids: UK vs. USA, includes Status Maple Top Guitar, Guitar Magazine, April 1999

Matrix Flyer

Status-Graphite Matrix

Retro-active 'P'+'J'

Status Retro-active 'P'+'J'

S1-Classic, Bassist Magazine, January 2000

S1 Classic from Bassist Magazine, January 2000, double page

Brochure from the 1990's

Status Shark, Electro-2, Jonas Hellborg Signature, Energy, Energy Artist, Eclipse, Barracuda, Stealth, Eclipse Limited Edition, Empathy headed and headless

Energy and Eclipse flyer, September 1994

The new 1994 Energy and the new Eclipse flyer

GMT Series 2 basses and guitars

GMT (Green Machine Technology) Series 2 basses and guitars

KingBass Standard Proto review (German), 2003

Status KingBass Standard Proto review (German), MM Music-Media-Verlag 2003
Thank you Stefano for the scans!

Mark King, Bass Quarterly Magazine Interview (German)

Mark King, Bass Quarterly Magazine Interview (German) - "The Kings, New Bass"
Thank you Stefano for the scans!

Matrix Series French advertisement

Status Matrix Series French advertisement "Kings and Queens" headed and headless

Retroglide advertisement, Status, 2006

Status Retroglide advertisement from Status-Graphite, featuring Mark King, 2006

B2 review, Bassist Magazine, March 1999

Status B2, Bassist Magazine, March 1999 (2 pages)

Eclipse Artist and Stealth 5, Guitarist, October 1995

Status Eclipse Artist-4 and Stealth-5, Guitarist, Oct 1995 (4 pages)

Energy and Series II flyer, date unknown

Status Energy and Series II flyer, date unknown

KingBass Artist MKII review, BGM, November 2008

Status KingBass Artist MKII review, Bass Guitar Magazine, November 2008

KingBass review, Guitarist, October 2001

Status KingBass, Guitarist October 2001 (3 pages)

Matrix 'Empathy' review, Guitarist, September 1991

Status Matrix 'Empathy', Guitarist September 1991

Matrix Series I, French article, Guitarist

Status Matrix Series I, French article, Guitarist

Bass Guitar Magazine Issue 06/2003

The Famous Five, Bass Guitar Magazine 06 2003 (includes the Stealth 2)

Eclipse review, Total Guitar, Dec 1994

Status Eclipse, Total Guitar, Dec 1994 (3 pages)

Energy review, Guitarist, April 1992

Status Energy, Guitarist, April 1992

KingBass Flyer

Status KingBass Artist and Classic

Kingbass Paramatrix, BGM, November 2012

Status KingBass Parametric Reviewing Bass Guitar Magazine of November 2012

Matrix 4, IM & RW, March 1991

Status Matrix 4, International Musician and Recording World, March 1991

Matrix Series II advertisement

Status Matrix Series II advertisement

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